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A cheap way to disaster!

Here is an example of why cheap paint can cost a heap.


This Transit has been repaired and then sprayed with cellulose paint. The main problem with cellulose paint is that is dries rather than hardens. This means that although the process is cheaper and quicker than 2k paint systems, it is prone to shrinkage, solvent attack and is a lot less durable.

When the owner wanted to remove some of the graphics, he found that the paint came away as well. Although I’ve been able to save the drivers side from needing to be painted, parts of the rear doors and the whole of the sliding door and bonnet need to be refinished. Unfortunately there is a large proportion of the van that has also been sprayed with cellulose paint which will only need further work in the future.

Cellulose paints are most commonly used in SMART repairs and alloy wheel repairs which is why it’s always wise to be cautious when having your vehicle repaired with such methods. Also, be careful when buying a used vehicle -especially from a forecourt- as these kinds of repairs are commonly used due to being deemed cost effective.

In the long run, it costs a lot more to put right than if it had been done correctly in the first instance. Especially due to having to make the surface stable before refinishing in a 2k system.

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