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What is detailing?

Taking the multiple surfaces of a vehicle to there optimum condition.

This can range from relatively straight forward cleaning and conditioning to very complex multistage removal of microns from acrylic clear coats.

As  professional detailer’s, Ace have thousands of pounds worth of equipment and materials, but the most important aspect is that we have the experience as to carry out the correct method of treatment, using the correct substances so as to achieve the best results.

With Detailing, we bring your vehicle to the highest aesthetic finish – beyond showroom standard, satisfying even the most meticulous car owners. A combination of multistage processes, specialist equipment and techniques result in a highly burnished coachwork and spotless interior.

Whilst the use of carnauba waxes offer the best protection to maintain the finish

A Show Maintenance and Photo/Video Shoot service is also available where I keep Vehicles looking at its peak throughout the show/shoot

Although Detailing is bespoke to the individual requirements of each vehicle, I have devised 4 packages to work as an “easy to digest” guide so as to give fair representation of time scales, processes and pricing involved.

The services are as follows:

Finessing Detail

Fine Cut Detail

Deep Cut Detail

Restoration Detail

Please click on each service to discover more.

What can we achieve?

Below are some before and after examples of what can be achieved by having your car professionally detailed by Ace Auto Cosmetics.

Ferrari 360 Modena


The smearing effect that you can see is what’s known as marring. As you can see, the marring really steals the beauty of the reflection. This kind of damage is due to poor washing technique……


And the result after a Fine Cut Detail.

Range Rover HSE


The picture above is a great example of why it’s important to leave your vehicle in capable hands!
Not only is marring visible, there is also hologram damage from aggressive compounding which not only failed to correct the issue, it also added to it!


The results above were achieved by a Restoration Detail

Volkswagen Sirocco-R


The above picture is of a brand new Sirocco-R and is how the paint was presented when it was collected from the dealer!!


Above is the result after a Deep Cut Detail.


Why use Ace Auto Cosmetics

With Detailing becoming ever more popular, a few people are trying to jump on the ‘Bandwagon’. Inexperience can not only fail to correct the issues, in most cases it also adds to them.

We have a unique advantage that distinguishes us from other companies. We also refinish, repair and respray vehicles on a daily basis. Our knowledge and experience of vehicle paints and coatings gives us an unrivaled insight into how to achieve the best results.

With Ace Auto Cosmetics you can rest assured that your vehicle is in the hands of experienced and competent professionals that have the insight to take you car beyond showroom condition.

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