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Premier automotive cosmetic care and repair in Worcester and Worcestershire

Deep Cut Detail

  • Pre Wash – Remove Road Film and loose dirt. Including arches, door shuts & boot surround.
  • Wheels Cleaned – non acidic wheel cleaner. (Wheels can also be removed and cleaned upon request)
  • Wash – exterior thoroughly washed using 2 bucket method and P.H. neutral shampoo and lamb’s wool mit/microfiber mit.
  • Dry – all surfaces dried using plush micro-fibre drying towels.
  • De-Tar – exterior coach work treated with tar softening treatment and cotton cloth
  • Clay Bar Treatment – including exterior windows and painted surfaces using co-polymer clay and surface lubricant.
  • Pre treatment Surface Cleaner – exterior surfaces cleaned of residue.
  • Paint Depth Reading – all panels to be treated read at multiple points to ascertain any previous work and assist in level of cutting possible.
  • Masking Application – protective tape applied to protect venerable areas.
  • Deep Cut Machine Compounding – Medium depth scratches and sanding marks removed.
  • Fine Depth Machine Cut – Finer scratches and compounding swirls removed.
  • Finessing Machine Polish – Final stage polish to restore deep gloss and refine paint surface.
  • Pre-Wax hand Polish – light pre-sealant hand polish application.
  • Carnauba Wax Sealant – Hand application of Zymol Concourse Glaze Carnauba paint sealant. (Other Sealants also available upon request).
  • Tyre’s Conditioned- Tyre walls cleaned and conditioned
  • Widows Polished and Treated- Interior windows cleaned. Exterior windows cleaned, polished and hydrophobic treatment applied.

Estimated time 10-14 hours for medium sized car