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Premier automotive cosmetic care and repair in Worcester and Worcestershire

End of lease? We’ll make sure you don’t get fleeced!

When the time comes to return a leased vehicle we can make sure that you avoid any hefty financial penalties due to any damage.

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Below is some information provided by the BVLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) who created a guide to what constitutes as fair wear and tear.

Follow these rules as a guide*

The car should be returned in a safe and roadworthy condition, with all the appropriate documentation, spare keys and equipment.
Cars should be serviced according to the manufacturers service schedule. Books should be stamped at the time of service to keep the history of the car.
Before the car is returned, the car should be in a clean condition to allow a thorough inspection of the car.

Brief Guide to Fair Wear and Tear*


Acceptable – Small scratches outside of drivers eye sight.
Unacceptable – Holes, chips and cracks in the glass, and scratches inside the drivers direct line of sight.


Acceptable – Minor scuffage up to 25mm in length. Wheels also meet minimum legal requirements.
Unacceptable – Scoring and other damage to wheel surface. Damage to side walls or uneven tread wear.

Wing Mirrors

Acceptable – Minor scuffage as long as no paintwork is damaged.
Unacceptable – Missing, damaged, or cracked wing mirrors.


Acceptable – Minnor scuffing upto 25mm in length.
Unaccepable – Deep scuffs where paint is broken, dented and cracked areas.Toyota Auris, Lease Car Return, Car body repair, plastic bumper repair, worcester, worcestershire, ace auto cosmetics after1


Acceptable – Small areas of chipping. Light scratches up to 25mm in length, relative to the vehicle’s age. Dents up to 10mm providing paint is not broken.
Unaccepable – Stone chips or scratches over 25mm in length that have exposed the bare metal or primer or have rusted. Any impact damage. Multiple dents on a single panel.


Acceptable – All decals need to be removed and all glue residue removed.
Unacceptable – Any damage caused by the removal of such badges and advertising.
Interior Upholstery
Acceptable – Should be clean and tidy, with only slight wear and soiling through normal use.
Unacceptable – Burns, tears or permanent staining. Any damage caused by the fitting of equipment such as mobile phones.

* Different finance companies imply different standards of what they see as Fair Wear and Tear.

Help is at Hand

Here at Ace, we are specialists in lease car returns and have saved individuals and companies significant amounts when returning a Lease vehicle. If you think your vehicle falls short of the any of the areas outlined above then contact us today on 01905 701 107.

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